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african american woman smiling over white backgroundFew things can provide you with as much value as a healthy and stunning smile. Our goal at Molina Dentistry is to help you achieve beautiful teeth and gums for life with cosmetic dentistry. We pair skill and science with an artistic flair to create smiles that look as good as they feel. Dr. Eddie and Patty Molina have equipped our office with innovative technology to make treatment more comfortable, precise, and effective.

Whether you need a quick enhancement with teeth whitening or require a complete smile makeover, we have the services to achieve your goals in one convenient location. We enjoy providing excellent cosmetic dentistry in Fresno, Clovis, and Friant. Contact our team to get started today!


Cosmetic Services Tailor-Made to You

As a family first dental office, we make sure to offer services designed to care for the needs of every family member. Our dentists can easily customize our Fresno cosmetic dental solutions to your children, spouse, parents, and grandparents. We proudly provide the following services to help enhance and revive your smile:

You can be sure that we use safe, high-quality materials that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Dr. Eddie and Patty Molina work closely with reputable dental labs that craft beautiful and durable porcelain veneers, dental restorations, and more!

Smile Makeovers for All-Inclusive Care

woman getting a dental checkupSmile makeovers offer a truly comprehensive way to help you achieve your most exceptional smile yet. Our dentists provide this multifaceted process to produce results that offer optimal dental beauty and oral health. With thorough consultations, exams, innovative technology, and precise planning, we can create the perfect treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Your tailor-made smile makeover can include a couple or multiple services to correct dental staining and damage, gum tissue concerns, and everything between. With state-of-art smile design technology, we can show you what your results will look like beforehand, so you undergo treatment with full comfortability and confidence.

Professional Teeth Whitening with KöR

young man checking out his smile with a mirror in dental officeWhile strong, enamel is porous. After years of exposure to dark foods and drinks, certain medications, or tobacco use, surface stains are often inevitable. The most common culprits that cause discoloration include red wine, tea, coffee, soda, dark berries, and pasta sauces.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments in Fresno use powerful, specialty-grade solutions designed to lift years’ worth of staining from your smile gently and safely. We provide this popular cosmetic option using KöR whitening products and offer both in-office and take-home treatments.

Our dentists can tailor your chairside or at-home whitening with digital TRIOS® scanning technology to create custom trays. We can provide personalized take-home trays as part of our maintenance care package or as a stand-alone service!

Versatile Porcelain Veneers

If your smile is healthy but you still feel unsatisfied due to multiple cosmetic concerns, our Fresno veneers may be the right solution! These thin yet resilient shells are crafted from beautiful porcelain and work best when applied to the front of your teeth. By covering each tooth’s surface, veneers can conceal various issues at once, creating the perfectly balanced smile you’ve always wanted.

We can provide you with as few or as many veneers as your need. Dr. Eddie and Patty Molina use smile design to generate a mockup, so both you and our cosmetic dentists can select the right number to meet your aesthetic goals. Veneers are highly versatile and made custom to your smile. Here’s what your treatment may include:

  • 1-2 veneers for a chipped or cracked tooth
  • 1-2 veneers to conceal a stained tooth
  • 1 or more veneers for mild misalignment
  • Up to 6 veneers to lengthen worn teeth
  • Up to 6 veneers as part of a full smile makeover

Dental Bonding

close up of african american man smilingDental bonding is another versatile treatment that considers cost and combines the best aspects of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Like fillings, our dentists use safe, tooth-colored materials that blend well with natural enamel. We apply the bonding material directly onto your teeth, shaping it as needed.

Our Fresno cosmetic dentists offer dental bonding for aesthetic purposes, and to treat mild forms of damage and wear. We can easily provide this treatment as part of a smile makeover and even help address trauma for young children.

Keeping Gums Looking & Feeling Good

We provide multiple treatments designed to keep your gums healthy and beautiful. Our dentists use dental lasers to perform gum reshaping, lifts, crown lengthening, and gingivectomies with a more conservative approach. Laser technology allows us to safely treat and contour gum tissue without the need for scalpels or sutures.

Gum contouring is an effective cosmetic treatment to address a gummy-looking smile. Gummy smiles happen when there is an excess of gum tissue compared to teeth. This can create an unbalanced-looking appearance. We can reshape gums using safe, gentle, and sterile techniques.

Enjoy Your Best Smile in Fresno!

No matter why you choose cosmetic dentistry, you can count on our team at Molina Dentistry! We work closely with you to customize treatment to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile, always putting your needs first. We’re proud to provide comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in Fresno, Clovis, and Friant. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


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